Jerome Thia JPDoor Ventilated Pivot Door
JPDoor Ventilated Pivot Door is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
JPDoor Ventilated Pivot Door

JPDoor is a user-friendly pivot door that merge with jalousie window system which helps to create ventilation flow and at the same time saving up spaces. Design is all about accepting challenges and solve them with individual explorations, techniques & believes. There is no right or wrong is any designs, it's very subjective indeed. However great designs fulfil end users needs & requirements or to have great impact into the community. The world is full of different design approaches in every corner, thus do not give up exploring, "stay hungry stay foolish - Steve Job".

JPDoor Ventilated Pivot Door
Jerome Thia JPDoor
Jerome Thia Ventilated Pivot Door
Jerome Thia design
Jerome Thia design
Jerome Thia

Exuidea Design is a newly formed company with the aim of practising professional in Interior Architecture Design, Furniture Design and Development Design. Also, they created a platform to congregate designers internationally to share their ideas, thoughts and to be updated with the latest trend.

Exuidea Design

Exuidea derived from the combination of exude + idea. It's important to live life with ideas and to aware new concept and materials in the market in order to keep the passion in every individual keep burning. Exuidea Design explores more on the potential of evaluating in interior architecture, furniture design as well as development proposal.