Andrew Bromberg Center 66 Architecture - Retail & shopping mall
Center 66 Architecture - Retail & shopping mall is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Center 66 Architecture - Retail & shopping mall

The master plan composition focuses on the historical buildings and builds, in layers, responding to the site context to provide a plaza. The disposition and forms of the built elements of the scheme are influenced by pedestrian routes from key intersections to the cluster of buildings of significant historical and architectural importance. The Ming Dynasty Opera House with its soaring traditional Chinese roof and the rare Chinese vernacular houses with western architectural influence provide a delightful focus and attraction at the heart of the development.

Center 66 Architecture - Retail & shopping mall
Andrew Bromberg Center 66
Andrew Bromberg Architecture - Retail & shopping mall
Andrew Bromberg design
Andrew Bromberg design
Hang Lung Properties Limited

Hang Lung Properties Limited, the operating arm of Hang Lung Group Limited, is a leading Hong Kong company boasting an extensive real estate portfolio in Hong Kong, as well as building, owning and managing world-class commercial complexes in key cities on the Mainland since the 1990s. Firmly rooted in Hong Kong, Hang Lung Properties has progressively branched out into the Mainland, winning international acclaim for its exceptional quality of architectural design, services and sustainable features. The Company's success in Shanghai was the launch pad for its series of pioneering commercial complexes across the Mainland. It has blazed a trail into vibrant cities with a distinctive strategy of focusing on building world-class commercial complexes centered on shopping malls. This was achieved by acquiring large sites in prime urban areas, cooperating only with top architectural firms, incorporating the latest sustainable features, and providing superb management. With its projects, all carrying the “66” brand, the Company has extended its unique footprint into the cities of Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi, Tianjin, Dalian, Kunming and now to Wuhan, following the successful acquisition of a prime site in that city in February 2013. Subsequent to the grand openings of Parc 66 in Jinan as well as Palace 66 and Forum 66 in Shenyang over the past few years, Center 66, another world-class investment property in Wuxi, has also come into operation since September 2013. Hang Lung has thus transformed itself from a dual-city entity into a multi-city operation and, with its business expanding in the coming years, the Company is set to develop into the most admired mega national commercial property enterprise in the market.