Prompong Hakk A-Maze Knifeblock
A-Maze Knifeblock is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
A-Maze Knifeblock

The a-maze knife block design aims to stimulate our mental and visual senses equally. The way it stores and organizes knives is uniquely inspired by the childhood game that all of us are familiar with. Merging aesthetics and functionality together perfectly to serve its purpose, a-maze more importantly builds a connection with us that evokes emotions of curiosity and fun. Pure in its form a-maze lets us revel in its simplicity that does so much more with less. It’s because of this that a-maze makes for an authentic product innovation with an unforgettable user experience and a look to match.

A-Maze Knifeblock
Prompong Hakk A-Maze
Prompong Hakk Knifeblock
Prompong Hakk design
Prompong Hakk design
Prompong Hakk

From the period of 2012 to 2016, shakes and I at the helm felt unstoppable. We earned consecutive Design awards and were making significant contributions to our clients and the design world in our community. Then came the distractions, the new Startup bubble in Thailand, which sucked me and the studio into a Venture that would ultimately result in failure after 3 years of powering non-stop. Lessons learned and new skills picked up, I devoted myself to rebuilding shakes and making up for lost ground. Thank you, Covid! Today we're still here and I feel stronger than ever, thanks to some Godly intervention and my belief that I'm still here to do something great for Thailand's Design Industry. We have shifted our attention from several traditional services to new skills in order to better service our clients. Design in Thailand continues to be a struggle but at least it's my struggle and I do believe that shakes still has a chance to prevail and compete internationally. My next 5-year plan really seeks to get the studio back into award quality, recruiting great talent and putting shakes back on the map as Thailand's leading Industrial Design studio with a German sense and an Asian heart.

SNF a brand by WIKO Cutlery

So a-maze’s story is really a story about vision, cross cultural innovation and the start of a new ideal where good Design exists without borders. When SNF approached shakes bkk, it was in need for fresh ideas lead by a vision to create some unique authentic products with international appeal. We saw great opportunities in SNF’s knowledge and experience in quality manufacturing. The a-maze knife block is the result of this team work where traditional German Design philosophies inspired progressive ideas and challenged conventional manufacturing. shakes bkk is a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy under creative supervision of Prompong Hakk, a Thai born German Designer. We integrate services of all creative aspects required to launch successful products. We create brand strategies, innovative user experiences, engaging packaging and thoughtful communication. We help our clients achieve growth and recognition by daring to challenge the obvious and creating fresh alternatives that have the energy to disrupt markets. We are a fully loaded creative power house, home to both Designers and Engineers who work together during the creation stage. The SNF brand was created by shakes to introduce a new Design orientated line of kitchen goods under the WIKO Cutlery umbrella. WIKO is a brand with history dating back to 1780 Solingen, Germany. It is now owned by Chinese investors that have come to understand the value of originality in good Design.