gianpietro tonetti KALLISTO by SANICRO Taps group and shower head
KALLISTO by SANICRO Taps group and shower head is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
KALLISTO by SANICRO Taps group and shower head

KALLISTO consists of two elements: the group taps and the shower head on the wall. The faucet unit that, in a single formal element, encloses three different functions, has been designed to be able to adapt to any pre-existing flat surface. Inside, there is a mixer taps and a switch, plus of course the attack for the hand shower and the soap holder outside. The undeniable advantage is the possibility to replace the existing group without having to break the walls and tiles. The shower head on the wall was also made to adapt to the most common pre-existing installations.

KALLISTO by SANICRO Taps group and shower head
gianpietro tonetti KALLISTO by SANICRO
gianpietro tonetti Taps group and shower head
gianpietro tonetti design
gianpietro tonetti design
gianpietro tonetti

Born in Cremona (Italy) in 1958, gianpietro tonetti works and lives in Lodi (Italy). He has been involved in design since 1977 starting as design consultant in the home decoration field. In 1983 he founded dimensioni s.a.s., (tonettidesign s.a.s. as of 2011), a industrial design company, specializing in industrial design of consumer products. Leaving behind almost completely the world of home decoration to concentrate his activities in various industrial fields. His experience in different and diversified production has allowed him to acquire and develop a wide technical and technological knowledge of processes and materials capabilities. Insisting on following personally the various stages of all his projects from the design through technical feasibility review, and then industrial production, he keeps the important balance between the design concept and final engineering reality. Each of his project concepts is developed to fit perfectly into the techno-commercial reality of the customer. Using fully the widest range of advanced tools available, tonettidesign s.a.s. has become a reference point for universities, IT companies, researchers, project designers, and multimedia experts, as a result of the technical content and advanced technologies used in its work. At present, Gianpietro Tonetti not only works at various levels with Italian companies, but is also co-operating with European, American, and Asian Companies. 


Giovanni Cropelli could not have foreseen that his small production company, founded in Lumezzane along with many others, would be continued with sons, grandsons and future generations. He could not even imagine the evolutions and the changes occurred. And his founding act leaves a stamp yet. The Cropelli family, together with him and after him, will devotes the life to common enterprise: the Company, the story of a life. The family grows up. Also the sons become part of the production Company. In 1982 Armando and Ottorino leave their management and accompany their sons to undertake their governance: Serafino Cropelli as first, in 1976, and then Patrizia Cropelli and Marisella Cropelli and finally, in 1985, Orietta Cropelli. The handing down to the sons implies also changes and new opportunities. The reality of the district is solid, but you can breathe the need of expansion. If, from one side the district determines the link with the territory,on the other side Sanicro feels the need to a bigger opening outside the network and outside of the distric. It starts to build links with foreign clients, especially in Europe and Middle East, but also in America. The foreign marketing grows and comes to be an essential element for Sanicro and its identity. Sanicro. Present and future.