Leonardo Santos e Barros Swift Urban Bus
Swift Urban Bus is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award Category.
Swift Urban Bus

Urban bus concept that combines passenger comfort, safety and proffitability in an adaptable, versatile solution for public transportation. SWIFT focuses on streamlining the bus system of urban centers in an unique platform that combines flexibility on passenger capacity, safety, comfort and transportation efficiency. A single bus platform able to fill various roles in a transportation network. From local transit to big routes, the vehicle can be easily and quickly repurposed, reducing operational costs without sacrificing quality of service.

Swift Urban Bus
Leonardo Santos e Barros Swift
Leonardo Santos e Barros Urban Bus
Leonardo Santos e Barros design
Leonardo Santos e Barros design
Leonardo Santos e Barros

A graduating design student from Rio de Janeiro, Leonardo focuses on understanding people, places and cultures to ensure his design is mostly effective in a globalized market He seeks the meaningfull, socially applicable aspects of design, solving everyday problems with innovation, smart thinking and deep consideration of his products effects on society. More than creating a good looking item, Leonardo wishes to work on things that make life easier to live.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

This project is the Major Project thesis for the School of Industrial Design of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The thesis consists of a 1 year project in a previously specified field of design. By definition from the course outline, the products developed by the university must consider a globalized market, optimal cultural and social insertion and effective work on improving the life quality of the population through the development of products and social innovation.