Rob Langendijk miscea LIGHT Sensor Faucet for bathrooms
miscea LIGHT Sensor Faucet for bathrooms is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
miscea LIGHT Sensor Faucet for bathrooms

The miscea LIGHT range of sensor activated faucets have an integrated soap dispenser engineered directly into the faucet for convenience and maximum hand hygiene benefits. Using fast and reliable sensor technology, it dispenses soap and water for a über hygienic and ergonomic hand washing experience. The built in soap dispenser is activated when a user’s hand passes over the soap sector. Soap is then only dispensed when a user’s hand is placed under the soap outlet of the faucet. Water can be received intuitively by holding your hands under the water outlet.

miscea LIGHT Sensor Faucet for bathrooms
Rob Langendijk miscea LIGHT
Rob Langendijk Sensor Faucet for bathrooms
Rob Langendijk design
Rob Langendijk design
Rob Langendijk

miscea designs and develops the industry’s only fully-integrated sensor faucet that can give water and multiple liquids from one system to assist in improving hand hygiene and safety. Based in Berlin, Germany, miscea is a privately held company with over 10 years experience in developing high quality and innovative products for commercial, medical and private applications. Winner of many international awards and recognitions, miscea is committed to designing outstanding products that enhance people’s lives and create an emotional connection.

miscea GmbH

Founded in 2003 miscea GmbH is a privately held company based in Berlin, Germany. miscea specialises in the design and manufacture of state of the art sensor faucet systems. The company roots can be traced back to Augsburg, when in 1999, two engineers started the development of an improved dispensing system. The first miscea hand hygiene systems have been in operation since 2003 in high impact facilities such as medical and foodservice environments. In 2013 miscea launched the current generation of faucets incorporating the company’s accumulated experience over the previous years. In addition, 2 new product ranges were also introduced for use in different industries. miscea products are available in over 10 different countries and has business units located in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Switzerland.