Dimitrios Spyropoulos Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle
Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle

Transportation, recreation, racing... Undoubtedly, the variety of functions that a bicycle can perform is impressive. What would happen if some of these were combined and especially when one of them does not belong to its accepted and expected operations? The project aims at a harmonious coexistence of the functions of the bicycle as a means of transportation and accommodation in a single, unified package. The main objectives focus on ensuring the necessary privacy for the character of the vehicle as a place of rest, while maintaining its drivability.

Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle
Dimitrios Spyropoulos Dwelling Bicycle
Dimitrios Spyropoulos Multifunctional Bicycle
Dimitrios Spyropoulos design
Dimitrios Spyropoulos design
Dimitrios Spyropoulos

Holding a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University (AAD ‘14) in New York and Architectural Engineering from University of Thessaly in Greece, Dimitrios Spyropoulos cultivated a conceptually oriented approach towards Architecture that forms an active debate among different disciplines, where the built environment and transportation network coexist in a unified relationship. Throughout his career, he has practiced as Lead Architect and Design Manager in some of the best Design Engineering practices in US such as AECOM and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with published work in press and exhibitions worldwide. Visual Arts have been mastered throughout a journey of different continents, mentors and constantly evolving tools and techniques.