Claudio Sibille Air table Coffee table/dinning table
Air table Coffee table/dinning table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Air table Coffee table/dinning table

The way it can easily go from a low coffee table into a full dinning room table or even a desk is quite interesting. The metalic pipes can be set in two different positions by rotation. The wooden boards are turned by hinges that let you increase the surface of the table. The name of this piece of furniture takes inspiration in the MacBook Air, due to its lighweight feeling, both physically as well as visually.

Air table Coffee table/dinning table
Claudio Sibille Air table
Claudio Sibille Coffee table/dinning table
Claudio Sibille design
Claudio Sibille design
Claudio Sibille

Claudio Sibille is a uruguayan industrial designer who graduated from IUB (Instituto Universitario Bios) in 2009, in Montevideo, Uruguay. His expertise is furniture and more specifically how it can offer viable and innovative solutions to reduced spaces. Concepts such as function, utility and versatility accompany his projects so faithful and constant. He is currently the head designer for Hong Kong based M3 company.

M3 Claudio Sibille

M3 focuses its work on the result of the real estate trends , while they may be obvious , it is not particularly exploited a niche . The homes tend to be getting smaller while still increasing the square footage value. And herein lies the dilemma of how to furnish an environment of reduced dimensions without losing the typical elements that every home needs for its quality of daily life . Why not having everything a big living room has if it’s within our reach without losing style and design, and further more, without sacrificing precious space. Well, M3 is all about multi functionality and space saving. With the help of designer Claudio Sibille, and other major designers soon to be part of our team, we are committed to provide the consumer with a new way of thinking furniture in terms of functionality and design to ensure that no matter how tiny a space is, we can still preserve the same quality of life we may have in larger apartments. Imagine a two seat sofa that can be transformed into the same piece plus two more lounge chairs for visitors, a couple of chairs popping up surprisingly out of the blue from a storing drawer cabinet, a small cabinet with drawers that can easily be transformed into a full transportable desk with a chair included within a blink of a eye, or a chair that can be transformed into a bed or in two extra banks without losing the original chair for unexpected guests . Well, this is what we do, this is our mission.