Jardins de Babylone Baobab Garden Garden
Baobab Garden Garden is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
Baobab Garden Garden

Baobab Garden is a garden conceived between two cultures, the Asian through its garden and the bamboo, and Africa through a symbolic baobab. These two inspirations become entangled to form only one. At the heart of this nature emerges the spirit of the Forest the Baobab. Today, there are only relics of forest completely constituted by Baobab where reigned vast forests. The oppression of the man on forests was never as so strong as it is today, in our eyes of European and by this insight I wanted to restore a little of wisdom into this world.

Baobab Garden Garden
Jardins de Babylone Baobab Garden
Jardins de Babylone Garden
Jardins de Babylone design
Jardins de Babylone design
Jardins de Babylone

Jardins de Babylone is a company founded in 2004 by Amaury Gallon. It meets the needs of architects, decorators, builders on their problems vegetalisation whether a plant wall, planted design, garden or terrace or maintenance of green walls. Jardins de Babylone is a design office wich conceived, builds and maintenance in his creations whether indoor or outdoor. For projects tailored and creative Jardins de Babylone is based on these patents, know-how and knowledge of botany. It realize projects conscientious, unique to meet your needs and those of your customers, and has a unique know-how rare modernizing its field of activity

Jardins de Babylone

Jardins de Babylone founded in 2004 by his creator Amaury Gallon. We are specialized in : - the plant architecture, for example: vegetable building, a green roof - as in the plant design (realization of plant objects, vegetable scenography inside, plant walls) We are present in Paris where we have a showroom and in Mexico with a franchisee. We realize projects on 4 continents. Our customers are the architects, the decorators of inside, shopping malls and luxury hotel business and finally companies. Jardins de Babylone , the fashion design of the nature.