Amin Einakian Shark Vehicle
Shark Vehicle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Shark Vehicle

Shark is a concept vehicle which can transform Drag force to a useful force in order to fly. Design philosophy of Shark is to catch the Drag force at first and then, when the vehicle is lifted from the ground because of the air flow resistance, it will pass the air flow through the holes on its arms. These holes will open and close quickly and in a way that Shark can keep itself more balanced.

Shark Vehicle
Amin Einakian Shark
Amin Einakian Vehicle
Amin Einakian design
Amin Einakian design
Amin Einakian

According to the engineering background all the design process should be clear and planned. From the first step (a clear question) to the last step (final presentation) everything should be clear and touchable. Although there are some concept solutions in the design process, the design should be practical at some point. This means the design can’t be that unreal or concept that doesn’t make sense even if it is a futuristic design.