Bill Ritchie DIY Rembrandt Press Printing Press
DIY Rembrandt Press Printing Press is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
DIY Rembrandt Press Printing Press

This Do It Yourself toy printing press is modeled from European designs that were used in the 17th Century by famous artists like Goya and Piranesi. The kit includes a wood printing plate after the old master, Rembrandt van Rijn. The press, like Rembrandt’s, is made of wood and suited for assembly by young people. It is good for teaching the art of hand printmaking. An added USB flash thumb drive set in the woodwork connects to a Smartphone or tablet so that users may download lessons free and also follow links to online resources such as the creator’s online print making magazine.

DIY Rembrandt Press Printing Press
Bill Ritchie DIY Rembrandt Press
Bill Ritchie Printing Press
Bill Ritchie design
Bill Ritchie design
Bill Ritchie

A world traveled art professor, a teacher of people of all ages, and an artist who took up printmaking the year he left his father's farm, Bill Ritchie is a visionary, an innovator and considered by some to be a little eccentric. He chose to transform his job of teaching printmaking at the University of Washington rather than conform to national standardized tests. Living in a center of high tech industries, he is drawn to blends of archaic technologies and innovations, enjoying challenging people to use nearly forgotten hand printing to widen horizons in technology, education and design for young people.

Emeralda Works, Perfect Press Division - A Seattle Company in Washington State, USA

Emeralda Works, Perfect Press Division, is a provider of products and services to the fine art printmaking world. We specialize in new technologies that impact fine art printmaking, education and training of print makers, programs for print collectors, and printmaking experiences for young people. We also do research and testing of new delivery methods for printmaking experiences, such as graphic novels, built-in data storage systems for printmaking tools and equipment, and community development of printmaking programs, online education and printmaking fairs.