Katsumi Tamura NTT COMWARE “Season Display” Calendar
NTT COMWARE “Season Display” Calendar is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
NTT COMWARE “Season Display” Calendar

This is a desk calendar made with a cut-out design featuring seasonal motifs on exquisite embossing. The highlight of the design is when displayed, the seasonal motifs are set at an angle of 30 degrees for best viewing. This new form expresses NTT COMWARE's novel flair for generating new ideas. Thought is given to the calendar functionality with ample writing space and ruled lines. It's good for quick viewing and easy to use, brimming with originality that sets it apart from other calendars.

NTT COMWARE “Season Display” Calendar
Katsumi Tamura NTT COMWARE “Season Display”
Katsumi Tamura Calendar
Katsumi Tamura design
Katsumi Tamura design
Ntt Comware Corporation

Company Name: NTT COMWARE CORPORATION / Established: September 1, 1997 / Description of Business: 1) Development, production, operation, maintenance and consignment of telecommunications systems, and software and various equipment related to those systems 2) Sales and leasing of telecommunications systems, and software and various equipment related to those systems 3) Telecommunications business based on Telecommunications Business Law 4) Contracting for electrical and telecommunications installations 5) Sales and agency business for telecommunications equipment and various telecommunications networking services 6) Services of information data processing and provision 7) Production and sales of contents such as audio, visual and text media to be provided through telecommunications networks 8) Planning, surveys, research, training and consulting on consignments for the above business areas