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Roman Poplojik is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Roman Poplojik

A new and intuitive construction system, which transforms flat, flexible, puzzle pieces into 3D structures. Roman is the first in a series of five ready-to-wear helmets. The kits arrive packaged flat, with components that snap together easily and efficiently. Stephen McCabe has invented an imaginative build-it-yourself system, which develops dexterity, visuo-spatial skills, and encourages imaginative role play for both parents and children. He has devised different skill levels for each helmet type, demonstrating with elegant geometry, structural designs that portray the spirit of the past.

Roman Poplojik
Stephen McCabe Roman
Stephen McCabe Poplojik
Stephen McCabe design
Stephen McCabe design
Stephen McCabe

Stephen McCabe is a Los Angeles based Production Designer who has developed 'poplojik', a patented, snap together building system that transforms flat, flexible, poly patterns into 3D objects that are ready-to-wear. The build-it-yourself process is designed as an instructional tool, to develop dexterity, and visuo-spatial skills, to explore pattern relationships, and to encourage imaginative role play for both parents and children. From his background in film and stage design, and with specialization in costume, ornament and armor, these fields are combined to create an educational, and versatile construction system.


poplojik is a design studio and brand, created by production designer Stephen McCabe. The studio is dedicated to the development, and production, of its patented method of constructing products. Our goal is to bring poplojik into production, and into the world. There are no limits. Let's use our imagination.