Hong Ying Guo Pillow Stool Chair
Pillow Stool Chair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Pillow Stool Chair

It is simple but embraces many characteristics. The steel rods on the first layer and the second layer of the sitting part go to different directions, so they cross each other to create a magic visualization. The curve counter of the side structure provides round edges and surfaces for users to comfortably sit on it. Between the first layer and the second layer of the sitting part, the rods constitute an empty space to store magazines or newspapers. The stool not only gives users an inviting gesture but also offers useful functions to them.

Pillow Stool Chair
Hong Ying Guo Pillow Stool
Hong Ying Guo Chair
Hong Ying Guo design
Hong Ying Guo design
Hong Ying Guo

I have a passionate interest in art and design since I love what I do have more connection with people and life. Due to a rich diversity of design and creation experience, I have been evolving into a hybrid designer with a strong sense in many skills including innovative product ideation, furniture fabrication and packaging development. During design process, it is my tendency to demonstrate the combination of imaginative thinking, usability enhancement and aesthetic beauty based on user experience and their emotional concern. In addition, the mixed quality of my character allows me to quickly accommodate to various projects with an effective strategy.

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