Daniel Dion, Benchmark Electronics Bruker EVOQ Mass Spectrometer
Bruker EVOQ Mass Spectrometer is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Scientific Instruments and Research Equipment Design Award Category.
Bruker EVOQ Mass Spectrometer

The Bruker EVOQ MS - developed under the direction of Dr. Rohan Thakur and the Bruker team - provides excellent, industry leading, sustained sensitivity. Key design elements provide incredible robustness that allows users to run literally thousands of samples before required cleaning or maintenance. The Industrial Design, provided by Benchmark Electronics Inc., reinforces intuitive usage and directs the users attention to the physical interface on the front face of the system. The design language communicates robustness speed, power and fluidity though the metaphors of jet engines and surfing.

Bruker EVOQ Mass Spectrometer
Daniel Dion, Benchmark Electronics Bruker EVOQ
Daniel Dion, Benchmark Electronics Mass Spectrometer
Daniel Dion, Benchmark Electronics design
Daniel Dion, Benchmark Electronics design
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