Sheng Tao Attractive Arc Large Apartment
Attractive Arc Large Apartment is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Attractive Arc Large Apartment

This case is a set of large flat floor apartment on the top floor. The construction area is 260 square meters. The customer group located by the developer should be the families with more populations. But the owner of this case is a family of three people. So the fine-sorted functions of the original structure appear trivial and cramped. According to this, we have made relatively large changes to the plan layout of the whole space. Having broken the conventional family layout mode. Most function areas have been fuzzed except for the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Meanwhile, as a housing, the owned

Attractive Arc Large Apartment
Sheng Tao Attractive Arc
Sheng Tao Large Apartment
Sheng Tao design
Sheng Tao design

Deng Sheng Spatial Design Co., Ltd. is a spatial design and planning consultant.Tao Sheng think s design is not only the decoration of surface, but a kind of spatial art which aimed at how to mining, refinding and re-rational the existing space. We committed to our customers and continue to create the best living, work, business, leisure environment.for them . This is our deep understanding of perfect design