Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, SA Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer
Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer

The design of the Smooth faucet basin mixer is inspired in the purest form of a cylinder, making a natural corollary of the pipe where it flows until it reaches the user. We intended to deconstruct the usual complex forms that this kind of product has, resulting in a smooth cylindrical and quite minimalist form. The sleek look caused by the lines become quite surprising when this object takes on its function as a user interface, for this is a model which combines a dynamic design with the perfect functionality of a basin mixer.

Smooth Faucet Basin Mixer
Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, SA Smooth
Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, SA Faucet Basin Mixer
Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, SA design
Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, SA design
Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, SA

Ctesi presents a range of faucets, mixers and bathroom accessories that are a perfect blend of contemporary design and excellent functionality. The offer proposed by Ctesi offers innovative concepts, full design and effectiveness in their functions. The focus on quality of Ctesi products is a fundamental point, guaranteed by the precision in the production and assembly and by the use of rigorous tests that allows to have confidence in the quality of each Ctesi product.

Ctesi - Barros & Moreira, S.A.

Ctesi is the own brand of taps and mixers from Barros & Moreira, S.A. a Portuguese company founded in 1997, that acts in the international market of sanitary ware.” Based on the professional experience and the “knowhow” of its founders, with a young team of qualified and dynamic employees, the company imposed itself in the national and international market by the difference of her service and competitiveness of the traded products. Over the years we have been consolidating our space on the market, creating integrated solutions for bathroom, focusing on the quality and design of our products. “As a result of growth and expansion, the company felt the need to change their field of action, having a strong focus on design, development and manufacture of own brand products, while narrowed partnerships and acquired shareholdings, to ensure control over the production, quality and commercialization of their own products and their brands. Therefore, it is guaranteed control over the logistical supply chain, from manufacturing to delivery of the product to the customer, thus fulfilling one of the major purposes of the company, which is customer satisfaction.” “Investing in the continuous training, new technologies and development of its infrastructure, a solid foundation has been created, allowing the constant demand for new products and solutions with the aim of customer loyalty and satisfaction.” At this point, we assume the globalization of our brands as a key point for success.