Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge ICON E-Flyer Electric Bicycle
ICON E-Flyer Electric Bicycle is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
ICON E-Flyer Electric Bicycle

ICON and Vintage Electric collaborated to design this timeless electric bicycle. Designed and built in California in low volume, the ICON E-Flyer marries vintage design with modern functionality, to create a distinct and capable personal transportation solution. Features include a 35 mile range, 22 MPH top speed (35 MPH in race mode!), and a two hour charge time. External USB connector and charge connection point, regenerative braking, and the highest quality components throughout.

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bicycle
Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge ICON E-Flyer
Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge Electric Bicycle
Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge design
Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge design
Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge

Jonathan Ward and his wife, Jamie, founded their first automotive brand in 1996. They abandoned established careers to pursue their hobby as a business, with the simple premise of applying quality restoration to vintage utility vehicles, which were not yet in vogue at the time. TLC is now considered the leading specialist in vintage Toyota Land Cruisers in the world. In 2006, the Wards launched their next brand, ICON. ICON builds and restores custom vehicles that pay tribute to vintage transportation design, infused with the best modern engineering and technology, to breathe new life into classics. Both companies are thriving in Los Angeles, California. Jamie & Jonathan are very proud of being a part of the Makers Movement, reviving craftsmanship and quality in American built products.


ICON designs and builds low volume transportation design fusing classic designs with modern engineering. We are based in Los Angeles, California, with clients around the world. While we consult OEM's and various design brands, our focus is on designing and crafting exceptional vehicles as an alternative to the offerings by the big companies, where often the drivers behind the product have little to do with the actual design value of the product. ICON was won several awards over the years, including three-time Robb Report Best of The Best, GQ Car of The Year, Art Center California Award, and several others.