Peter Stasek Floating Nests Loft Farming Tower
Floating Nests Loft Farming Tower is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Floating Nests Loft Farming Tower

The Loft London Farm Tower in the form of an imaginary gigantic tree in whose artificial crown two big loft formations are placed as floating nests. The vision of an unprecedented zest for life (joie de vivre) while, at the same time, utilising the entire Metropolitan logistics. The "floating nest concept" is based on a high exploitation of the air space above the respective plot of land in connection with a minimal impact on the available plot area. The main utilization of all nest levels is defined as a mixture of vertical farming and inhabitable loft areas.

Floating Nests Loft Farming Tower
Peter Stasek Floating Nests
Peter Stasek Loft Farming Tower
Peter Stasek design
Peter Stasek design

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