Reform Studio Plastex Eco-friendly Material
Plastex Eco-friendly Material is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Plastex Eco-friendly Material

Grammy’s chairs incorporate our new designed handmade fabric, the new edition. Plastex#9. An ecofriendly material, translates the need for environmental sustainability where wasted plastic bags play an essential role in design. It’s designed to raise awareness about the sustainable change in our world today and to revive the craft of weaving by empowering local communities. Plastex#9 is made from reused plastic bags and cotton threads. Plastic bags are collected, sterilized and cut into thin stripes that are interwoven on a manual handloom. The fabric is durable, strong and water-resistant.

Plastex Eco-friendly Material
Reform Studio Plastex
Reform Studio Eco-friendly Material
Reform Studio design
Reform Studio design
Reform Studio

Reform is an award-winning design studio based in Cairo, Egypt. There aim is to create responsible and thoughtful products, design for a better life, design for a cause. Reform is interested in taking on sustainable and environmental issues, and solving them by researching, designing and prototyping. There goal is to produce simple and innovative products with added value that reflect people’s needs and desires.

Reform Studio

Captivating, Vibrant and Joyful – such attributes seem perfectly natural when it comes to describing Reform’s products, a new design studio in Egypt. Reform was the glint and reflection of ideas and research that was founded by a team of young product design entrepreneurs, Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem, who are motivated by challenge and commitment to the world. They are inspired by the authenticity of Egypt within which they wanted to make a sustainable change. Reform’s philosophy is simple; there aim is to create responsible and thoughtful products, while keeping their designs at the highest standards. They are interested in taking sustainable and environmental issues and solving them by researching, designing and prototyping.