Dmitry Pogorelov Servvan Robotic vehicle
Servvan Robotic vehicle is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Servvan Robotic vehicle

It is a project of service vehicle for Resource Based Economy, forming a network with other vehicles. A single system allows to communicate with each other, which increases the efficiency of passengers transportation, as well as an increase in efficiency due to the movement in the road train (reducing of FX factor, the distance between vehicles). The car has unmanned control. Vehicle is symmetrically: cheap to produce. It has a four swivel motor-wheels, and the possibility of reversing motion: maneuver with large dimensions. Boarding vis-a-vis improves communication of passengers.

Servvan Robotic vehicle
Dmitry Pogorelov Servvan
Dmitry Pogorelov Robotic vehicle
Dmitry Pogorelov design
Dmitry Pogorelov design
Dmitry Pogorelov

In designing things preferred logical approach without using props. In today's world too much attention is paid to style, with content not paid much attention. In the process of designing embedded several spiritual approach, because this side is receiving less attention, leaving the world of technology. The combination of spiritual and technological approach gives results are unique design things.


Techman is my brand or/and alias. In projects I use an analytical approach, a reasonable design and a new perspective on the values . The basis of my projects I laid in Moscow state academy of applied and industrial arts named after S.G.Stroganov on the department Transportation design. "If the technology is not exempt from the routine of the people so that they can pursue higher goals of humanity, then all technical progress is meaningless." Jacque Fresco