Andrej Stanta iLoop Smartphone Holder/Stand
iLoop Smartphone Holder/Stand is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
iLoop Smartphone Holder/Stand

iLoop is elegant, minimalistic and multifunctional holder for your phone and it does come with a twist. Without compromising it’s primary function of being phone holder, it can also be used as an effective hand grip for strenghtening your finger, palm and arm muscles and relieving stress while having a conversation on the phone. Most of all it makes you smile. iLoop is fun for everybody, it’s safe to use and it protects health. It enables limitless options of usage and combining multiple iLoops together brings all new fun activities from watching movies to playing games.

iLoop  Smartphone Holder/Stand
Andrej Stanta iLoop
Andrej Stanta Smartphone Holder/Stand
Andrej Stanta design
Andrej Stanta design
Andrej Stanta

Mr. Andrej Stanta has been introduced to design by his father. Ever since he has been fascinated by beauty, perfection and usability of a great design. Interested into business aspect of the whole process as well he and his team do not stop with a concept but rather bring the design to life, to production and to users. PROVOCO - philosophy he goes by and name of the company as well, states that everything is to provoke.


PROVOCO Group: Design and development firm that aims to tease all of the human senses and to translate design into the living environment in which it exists, whilst retaining complete fusion of passion, vision and functionality. The firm draws its passion and inspiration from forms in nature as well as technologies transferred from other industries. Striking a balance between actual projects and experimental projects is crucial to enable them to remain at the top of the game. NAME: Provoco, provocare - latin to dare, to defy, challenge, provoke, call forth, ex. Ego te provoco - I dare you PHILOSOPHY - State of Passion: PROVOCO is a name speaking for itself. It exist for those who look for something more, different, top of the line and want to walk the edge with the designs close to controversial. It represents all, the highest level of design, living, luxury, elegance, enjoyment, as well as standing out and giving yourself a provocative, modern character. It is a clear visual and mental statement for anyone who goes with it. BRANDS DEVELOPED: Shayton Automotive (Automotive Brand), Collection69 (Clothing Brand), iLoop (Phone&Home Accessories Brand)