Ajax Law Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema
Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema

Located at the tranquil and roomy Cultural District, the contemporary Tianjin Grand Theatre has filled the whole perimeter with the ambience that is provoked by the theatre’s important contents and openness. The overwhelming modernism has been entirely occupied the cinema’s surrounding, in a form that all the lines are connected at this one single point, which has also motivated the interior of the cinema.

Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema Cinema
Ajax Law Tianjin Insun Lotte Cinema
Ajax Law Cinema
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Ajax Law design
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Ajax Law and Virginia Lung established the Hong Kong-based, award-winning interior design firm One Plus Partnership Limited in 2004. One Plus’s creative inspiration for each project is focused on a specific theme. Over the years, One Plus has been totally awarded 202 awards (118 overseas and 84 Asian) from USA, Germany, Italy, England, Japan and Taiwan until now, including 10《INTERIOR DESIGN》Best of Year Awards. In the year 2012, One Plus was being honoured as the sole winner for Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award. One Plus is the first and only Asian interior design firm to have been awarded this accolade.