Alexandre Caldas Portuguese Roots Chair
Portuguese Roots Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Portuguese Roots Chair

The Portuguese ROOTS chair marks a new approach in the design of furniture. Its strong lines have also the concern to not invade the space of its user because it uses only what is essential to its construction. They believe that the design is honest, and that people can expect the amount of comfort and quality as they see it. The whole construction is considerable environmental friendly using only natural wood , sometimes cork and finished with natural oils. It`s a real approach to a good design that came to stay for many years to come.

Portuguese Roots Chair
Alexandre Caldas Portuguese Roots
Alexandre Caldas Chair
Alexandre Caldas design
Alexandre Caldas design
Alexandre Caldas

I`m Alexandre Caldas and i`m relevant like everyone else. Regard the importance , it`s better than being famous. To be important is to stay inside people, not by imposition but because they care about us or our work. As for everything else, I do what I love and leave the evaluation for people in general, I don`t think that is wise the self evaluation.

AROUNDtheTREE Natural Design

AROUNDtheTREE is a NEW Brand of Portuguese Design Furniture,It's a Team Project that believes in the Portuguese traditions and Cultural value giving it a whole new interpretation through the design of unique pieces. WOOD and NATURAL CORK are the two key elements in everything we do. By mixing advanced technology with old craftmanship methods, all combined with the single purpose of enhancing the nobility of the materials in use. Both these Tradition and Cultural heritages, make AROUNDtheTREE an original and exquisite brand, distinguished by having the perfect combination of the two elements present in it's DNA, Design and Nature.