Yongcai Huang De Kang Club Commercial Space
De Kang Club Commercial Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
De Kang Club Commercial Space

Dekang is located in the commercial center of Guangzhou, China, is a SPA and entertainment one of the commercial projects. The project is in the design concept of "urban landscape" as the basic clue to respond to the demands of modern urban life.

De Kang Club Commercial Space
Yongcai Huang De Kang Club
Yongcai Huang Commercial Space
Yongcai Huang design
Yongcai Huang design
Yongcai Huang

Ray Evolution Design was formally established in July 2004, to focus on traceability between man and nature, urban diversity of the overall solution.      Creative team dabbled in architecture, interior space, and the field of art installations, service areas throughout the culture, hotel, commercial, office, real estate and brand planning. Team in the respect for the environment, technology, economy and other objective conditions to a wide range of creative thinking, uphold professionalism designed to create value, and won several international awards in the industry.

De Kang Club

Dekang Club is a lesure-entertainment program which is located in Guangzhou Shangjia plaza,over 2000 square meters,mainly built for the entertainment purpose for the urban white-collar.Back analysis: The process of city in China is developed so fast,according to the data: In the past 30 years of The China opening-up policy period,there was 5 billion people moved in to cities,this number is equal to the total population of the next four countries: USA,English,France,and Italy.This means the shortage of energy and destruction of environment. The concept of man and natural are gone,even the communication between people is becoming a luxury appeal.