Steinn Sigurðsson Kaos Coffee Table
Kaos Coffee Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Kaos Coffee Table

The Kaos table is unconventionally designed. The purpose of the design is to create a coffee table that is completely different from conventional tables. The approach is to make a table that can stand independently and makes a statement as a free standing sculpture. To accomplish that the table has to have surprise details and be curiously different with its constantly changing form depending from which angle it is absorbed. Dfferent colors, stripes or pattern on sides, along with the simple and visual assemly plays a part in the striking design and makes the Kaos table fun in the environment.

Kaos Coffee Table
Steinn Sigurðsson Kaos
Steinn Sigurðsson Coffee Table
Steinn Sigurðsson design
Steinn Sigurðsson design
Steinn Sigurðsson

Steinn Sigurdsson is an Icelandic designer, that has designed furnitures, lamps, cars and home appliances. He is interested in revolutionary design and is always looking for new approach in design and novelty and rule breaking solutions. In his work the line between sculpture and product design merge and art form and sculpture meet in his design in tables and lamps and other products. Even thought the importance is on form the furnitures are always fully functional. The assembly is easy and unconventional and is an important visual part of his design. The extremes in the Icelandic landscape is a great influence on his work.

Kúltur og kaos

Kultur og kaos was founded 2009 in Reykjavík, Iceland and specializes in furnitures, lamps and home decorations. Kúltur og kaos, design studio, is a team of two, Steinn Sigurðsson and Stefán Ingóflsson. The teams main mission is designing, implementing and making prototypes, where Steinn is the main designer and idealist, while Stefán is making the prototypes.