Bo Zolland Glastron Sport boats
Glastron Sport boats is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Glastron Sport boats

A whole new line of sport boats for Glastron USA. A modern look with the DNA of the Glastrons from the 70s and 80s glory Days. These boats are the romiest in its class. Also bring back the unique spear design. Also using a molded in swim platform, rather than a outside mounted. Gauges and dash is special design for these GT, GTS, GTL line from Zolland Design SWEDEN. The result is a series of safe, modern and sporty boats with a totaly unique look in the market segment.

Glastron Sport boats
Bo Zolland Glastron
Bo Zolland Sport boats
Bo Zolland design
Bo Zolland design
Bo Zolland

Art and design is a hand-in-hand thing. We are driven by the Beauty and function symbiosis.

Glastron boats

Glastron boats MI USA Glastron is a boat manufacturing company and was one of the first manufacturers of fiberglass boats. Founded in Texas by Bob Hammond in 1956, the company was sold to Genmar Holdings in the 1990s and manufacturing was moved to Minnesota.[citation needed] Glastron is known for its boat hull design innovations, including the Aqualift and "SSV" hull designs, the latter of which is still in use today.