Shadi Al Hroub Fight Aids HIV Campaign
Fight Aids HIV Campaign is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Social Design Award Category.
Fight Aids HIV Campaign

HIV is surrounded by a lot of rumors and misinformation. Hundreds of teens in the Global become infected with HIV every year through unprotected sex or needle sharing. A much smaller number of teens with HIV were born to mothers who were infected. Today, there is hope that people living with HIV may never even become sick, just like there's no cure for viruses like colds and the flu. People living with the virus have to be extra careful not to take risks (like having unprotected sex) that could expose others to HIV.

Fight Aids HIV Campaign
Shadi Al Hroub Fight Aids
Shadi Al Hroub HIV Campaign
Shadi Al Hroub design
Shadi Al Hroub design
Shadi Al Hroub

I have over 16 years’ experience in design and communications, including over 7 years of research in branding and advertising specifically. I have won numerous international design awards and designs at the international level. My design experience ranges from creative direction, packaging, branding and Multimedia (both traditional and digital). I worked as a lecturer in creative design in various American universities and as a creative consultant at Leo Burnett, Hilton Worldwide, Jordan Aviation, Royal Falcon, Jordan Duty Free, Samsung, Macdonald, G2000, Hublot, The One, International Trade Center (UN) and various international NGOs such as UNRWA, Global Health Development and USAID. I was a final judge for the Stevie Awards for Creative Communications & International Business Awards where I evaluated DHL, Nivea, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and more big names, I was a final judge for Future Ideas, Adobe Achievements Awards 2018, the A’ design awards, and Grand Jury Panel at Vega Digital Awards where I evaluated Porsche campaign, McCann Stockholm, FOX Networks Group Spain and more. I’m currently Grand Jury Panel at Global Trend Awards 2018 where I evaluated BBC, Jaguar, eBay, Sony pictures, Nike and more.

American University of Madaba

AUM has been established by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem as a Not-for-Profit University in one of the most enchanting places in Jordan, the fascinating biblical city of Madaba, 30 km south of Amman, the capital of Jordan. At the top of the university’s agenda is to lend support to, and complement, the higher education system in Jordan and the Arab region by contributing highly-skilled university graduates equipped with outstanding education and knowledge. It offers a teaching/ learning environment built according to best international standards, and is linked with several noted international universities. The university campus is exemplary in its environmentally friendly design, and acts as a key element in the future sustainable development of the city of Madaba and its community. AUM offers a full range of specialties and programs of study and seeks to bring together highly selected students drawn from all corners of the globe to create a vibrant cosmopolitan campus. AUM education provides a system that focuses on developing and promoting creative and critical thinking, technological competence, language skills, and global awareness. Dormitories, fully equipped, convenient and conducive to sustained learning, are made available for students.