Dario Scapitta Extravaganza Collier
Extravaganza Collier is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Extravaganza Collier

An elegant collier inspired by ruffs, ancient neck decorations that you can see on many beautiful paintings of the XVI and XVII century. Characterized by a contemporary and modern design, simplifying the typical ruffs style trying to make it modern and contemporary. A sophisticated effect that gives elegance to the wearer, using black or white colours allows a multiplicity of combinations with a modern and pure design. A one-piece necklace, flexible and light. A non-precious material but with an high fashion impressive design that makes this collier not just a jewel but a new body ornament.

Extravaganza Collier
Dario Scapitta Extravaganza
Dario Scapitta Collier
Dario Scapitta design
Dario Scapitta design
Dario Scapitta Design

Nature, art, architecture, fashion. These are just some of the many source of inspiration for the Dario Scapitta Design’s creations. New interpretation and contemporary shapes to create unique jewelry, made using advanced technologies as 3d printing. Each object is highlighted by a touch of glamour and elegance, that does not leave you indifferent. My work is evolving every day, always looking new forms and material combinations. My creation are not just jewellery, but modern body ornaments. Comfortable and easy to wear e very day or in a special event, always to highlight your style.