Wouter van Riet Paap Tavolo Livelli Table
Tavolo Livelli Table is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Tavolo Livelli Table

Tavolo Livelli is about creating useful space in forgotten places. Tavolo Livelli is a layered table, a table with two tabletops. The space between the two tabletops can be used to store a laptop, books, magazines, etc. The diagonally placed legs create a beautifully fading shadow between the two tabletops, playing with your perception. All X and Y surfaces - tabletops and legs - have the same thickness.

Tavolo Livelli Table
Wouter van Riet Paap Tavolo Livelli
Wouter van Riet Paap Table
Wouter van Riet Paap design
Wouter van Riet Paap design
Wouter van Riet Paap

De Ontwerpdivisie is a design company with a focus on the design of architecture and furniture. Furniture designed by De Ontwerpdivisie is about making use of 'lost' space, space that is normally not used at all. For example: space under the table, space above closets, space under the bed, etc. Another aspect of designs by De Ontwerpdivisie is it’s simplicity: Thus their motto: Keep it Simple! Resulting in a sophisticated minimalism.

De Ontwerpdivisie

'De Ontwerpdivisie' is Dutch for 'The Designdivision'. It is a company founded by Wouter van Riet Paap, specialized in furniture design and architecture. We believe in strength through simplicity, thus our motto: Keep it Simple! Our designs can be characterized as sophisticated minimalism.