Christoph Rochna Tootsie iPad Folio
Tootsie iPad Folio is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Tootsie iPad Folio

Tootsie meets the needs of modern nomads. It is plain but affecting, soothingly analogue, tear- and water-resistant and biodegradable. Tootsie leaves a lasting impression on people's minds but none on the environment. Most of us live and travel through a world of constant change - a world that we are at risk of losing ourselves in. Why not use paper to make products that capture our experiences as scribbles, stains, telephone numbers or the occasional lipstick impression. Not unlike a diary, Papernomads create reference points in time for us to remember who we are.

Tootsie iPad Folio
Christoph Rochna Tootsie
Christoph Rochna iPad Folio
Christoph Rochna design
Christoph Rochna design
Christoph Rochna

Papernomad was founded in 2011 as an Austrian GmbH followed Papernomad USA LLC earlier this month. The company grew out of a quest for industrial niches where traditional materials could be replaced by paper. Christoph Rochna and Mario Bauer worked on the development of the paper composite since early 2010 before the found the perfect combination of materials and shareholders. Papernomad designs and manufactures green products with ecological and social imperatives in mind. They design sleeves and covers for mobile electronic devices made from a patented paper composite to meet the needs of modern nomads: identity, mobility and sustainability.

Papernomad GmbH

We are designers, marketing professionals, artists and one or two lunatics. Our passion is to question existing systems and design sustainable solutions with respect to social and environmental issues. Our company emerged from this quest for industrial niches where traditional materials could be replaced by paper. Based on our patented paper composite we design and manufacture bags for mobile electronic devices - created to meet the needs of modern nomads: Identity, Sustainability, Sanity.