Rashed Alfoudari Rio Restaurant
Rio Restaurant is Bronze Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Rio Restaurant

Located in Kuwait City in an area that is well known for it's boutique restaurants. Rio Churrascaria is one of the first Brazilian steakhouses to open in the region. The aim was to create a luxurious yet informal dining space that reflects Rio's brand & it's unique way in serving food (Rodizio Style).

Rio Restaurant
Rashed Alfoudari Rio
Rashed Alfoudari Restaurant
Rashed Alfoudari design
Rashed Alfoudari design
Rashed Alfoudari

Lab/100 is an interior design firm based in Kuwait. Lab/100 came together as a result of a partnership between Dawood Albader (B.Arch.) & Rashed Alfoudari (B.Arch.). Its Portfolio focuses mainly on commercial spaces such as restaurants, fitness facilities & retail shops.


Churrascaria is a 250 year old Brazilian tradition developed by Gauchos the South American cowboys who originally lived by hunting wild cattle in the Pampas. This area extended across Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Today, inhabitants in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Southern Brazil are affectionately called gauchos. It is this region and its history that has inspired Rio restaurant.