Rashed Alfoudari Yoga Center wellness Center
Yoga Center wellness Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yoga Center wellness Center

Located in Kuwait City’s busiest district ‘Qibla’, The yoga center is an attempt to revitalize the basement floor of Jassim Tower. The location of the project was unorthodox. However it was an attempt to serve women both within the city boundaries & from the surrounding residential areas. The reception area in the center interlocks with both the lockers & office area, allowing for the smooth flow of members. The Locker area is then aligned with the leg wash area which signals the ‘shoe free zone’. From then onward is the corridor & reading room that lead to the three yoga rooms.

Yoga Center  wellness Center
Rashed Alfoudari Yoga Center
Rashed Alfoudari wellness Center
Rashed Alfoudari design
Rashed Alfoudari design
Rashed Alfoudari

Lab/100 is an interior design firm based in Kuwait. Lab/100 came together as a result of a partnership between Dawood Albader (B.Arch.) & Rashed Alfoudari (B.Arch.). Its Portfolio focuses mainly on commercial spaces such as restaurants, fitness facilities & retail shops.

The Yoga Center

The Yoga Center Kuwait was created on the idea of bringing awareness to the Kuwaiti community by integrating the yoga lifestyle into everyday life. Yoga is a powerful tool to create balance physically, mentally and spiritually. Building this awareness through its varying components; breathing, posture, control of surroundings and a continuing education in making better choices in our many dimensions of wellbeing.