E-graphics communications NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar
NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar is Platinum Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar

Every year Nissan produces a calendar under the theme of its brand tagline “Excitement unlike any other”. The year 2013 version is filled with eye-opening and unique ideas and images as the result of collaboration with a dance-painting artist “ SAORI KANDA”. All the images in the calendar are the works of SAORI KANDA the dance-painting artist. She embodied her inspiration given by Nissan vehicle in her paintings which were directly drawn on a horizont curtain placed in the studio.

NISSAN Calendar 2013 Calendar
E-graphics communications NISSAN Calendar 2013
E-graphics communications Calendar
E-graphics communications design
E-graphics communications design
E-graphics communications

Originally founded as Nippo in 1955, an advertising agency TBWA JAPAN merged with a creative/printing company E-GRAPHICS which has spun out from NISSAN MOTORS’ advertising division to create E-GRAPHICS COMMUNICATIONS. E-GRAPHICS COMMUNICATIONS is Full-service Advertising/Creative/Printing agency. Each part complementing each other with their experienced knowledge and skills to meet customers’ needs seamlessly from its planning to actual execution.

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