Yu-Wen Chiu (Vita) Pleasure Restaurant
Pleasure Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Pleasure Restaurant

The Pleasure of Living a Life of Art. Extension and Continuation. Via the extension of ceiling shapes and floor expanses,and their consistent contour undulation,that goes upright here or obscure there,reflecting a force of action that encompasses the peaks and valleys in life. While layered ambience flows and morphs into action,images of beauty are conjured up in space. Space cab be fluid and transparent,while keeping the divisions of various compartments. With ingenuous arrangement of space, privacy can exist in amidst compartments.

Pleasure Restaurant
Yu-Wen Chiu (Vita) Pleasure
Yu-Wen Chiu (Vita) Restaurant
Yu-Wen Chiu (Vita) design
Yu-Wen Chiu (Vita) design
Yu-Wen Chiu (Vita)

Return to Nature. People are willing to get out more To be outdoors, Or to let Nature be part of one’s life, To allow for Nature to enrich the vocabulary of home sphere. Simply let Nature in and ride on its poise. Rich and diverse elements, That display how detachment can exist alongside dense complexity, Much like the multiple facets of flowers That will ultimately render themselves To final selections after much deliberation.

Yuan King International Interior Design Co., Ltd

"Yuan King" means "back to nature" in Chinese. The re-arrangement of space. Extension and Continuation. Exist in amidst compartments. The planning of visual space reveals a lot about hidden content. Basic functionalities have to meet all stringent requirements with precision. All minute details, In their multi-combinations, have to amplify and glorify each other, To bring out a resoundingly fabulous performance in space.