Carlos Alberto Vasquez Gris Water Saving System
Gris Water Saving System is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Social Design Award Category.
Gris Water Saving System

Decrease of water resources is a world wide problem these days. It’s crazy that we still use drinking water to flush the toilet! Gris is an incredibly cost effective water-saving-system which can collect all the water you use during a shower. You can reuse this collected greywater for flushing the toilet, cleaning the house and for certain washing activities. This way you can save at least 72 liter water/person/day in an average household which means at least 3.5 billion liter saved water per day in such an 50 million habitant country like Colombia.

Gris Water Saving System
Carlos Alberto Vasquez Gris
Carlos Alberto Vasquez Water Saving System
Carlos Alberto Vasquez design
Carlos Alberto Vasquez design
Carlos Alberto Vasquez

Alberto Vasquez is a young designer and entrepreneur, founder of IgenDesign, which is an award-winning creative studio focusing on developing next-gen products and user experiences. Alberto’s Hungarian-Colombian origin gives a deeper cultural understanding and a profound social sensibility to the studio. IgenDesign works with clients and partners from innovative start-ups to large companies on three continents and develops products in a diverse range of fields from industrial to social design projects.


We work to make products even more fun, useful and successful. We consistently design new products that translate into sustainable market successes regardless of industry. During our work we liberate products from price competition by creating brand new category of product experiences that connect emotionally with users and eliminate 'apple to apple' comparison to competitors once and for all.