Ito Kish Basilisa Armoire
Basilisa Armoire is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
Basilisa Armoire

The Basilisa armoire showcases the solihiya, an intricate weave that is both functional and decorative. Functional because it strengthens and supports the object on which it is used; decorative because of the beauty inherent in the weave itself, and the exquisite play of light and shadow it produces. Adding to the impact of the pieces is that different solihiya weave patterns were used, all culled from different parts of the Philippine archipelago.

Basilisa Armoire
Ito Kish Basilisa
Ito Kish Armoire
Ito Kish design
Ito Kish design
Ito Kish

Ito Kish launched his first furniture line in March 2012 to instant success. He has deep appreciation for Philippine creativity and craftsmanship, melding in his pieces traditional Asian crafts techniques with forms culled from the country's unique European-influenced history. "My design will always be about who I am and where I come from," he says His furniture collection is available under K I S H, the design company where he is Chief Visual Storyteller. With a client list that includes prestigious companies like Globe Telecom, Manila Polo Club, Amanpulo and Ayala land, Ito is one of the Philippines’ most successful design consultants.

Ito Kish

Ito Kish is the home line product development arm of KISH, a retail, furniture and interior designs company based in Manila and established in December 2000 by Ito Kish, CEO and Chief Visual Storyteller. Ito Kish Filipino design concept aiming to showcase the limitless possibilities that Filipino materials and design can offer. He takes pride and puts premium in the stories and unique experiences that our products bring to our clients’ home.