Juan Carlos Baumgartner Volaris Corporate Offices
Volaris Corporate Offices is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Volaris Corporate Offices

The project unfolds on two floors with a total de 6,000 m2. A common denominator of the design was the creation of informal meeting areas, spaces designed especially to hold meetings in a casual and more dynamic way. Volaris’s employees do not have assigned spaces. Everyone can work in the area of the office that works best for them. This is achieved through a wireless network that manages to permanently connect everyone.

Volaris  Corporate Offices
Juan Carlos Baumgartner Volaris
Juan Carlos Baumgartner Corporate Offices
Juan Carlos Baumgartner design
Juan Carlos Baumgartner design
Juan Carlos Baumgartner

Not long ago we opened SPACE with the intention of working with corporations which think that space makes a difference. Our passion has always been design and architecture. We structure a new way of seeing architecture and we develop methodologies inline with this vision. With an interest in being the best if not the biggest, we surround ourselves with an interdisciplinary team of highly talented professionals. We take into account the importance of research and technology and we include both in our method of thinking and working, always seeking SUSTAINABLE solutions which not only RESPECT the environment but which help to improve our surroundings. We are convinced that ideas move quicker when you think of people-technology-space at the same time. In this way we begin to put intelligent people with intelligent technologies into intelligent spaces. We have created various lines of business, CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE both interior and exterior, COMMERCIAL ARCHITECTURE, points of sale, shopping malls and RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE, among others. Whether it be a small space, a large building, a campus, offices, shops or a development of habitations, we know that to achieve a great solution you have to begin from inside, this is the basis of our philosophy; designing from inside out. We have also generated a methodology which we call the Green Scale. In which all, absolutely all projects have the potential to be green to some degree. The project’s and/or the client’s level of commitment is defined as part of the methodology. The Green Scale consists of three levels: LIGHT GREEN: seeks energy savings and rational use of resources MEDIUM GREEN: in addition to what is done in light green; the project is carried out with eco specifications and technology investments to increase energy savings are analysed. DARK GREEN: this level of commitment implies carrying out projects with LEED certification and applies to clients and/or projects with a high level of ecological awareness and commitment. For a few this is our history, for us it is the legacy of SPACE. Juan Carlos Baumgartner Founder partner