Guilherme Jardim Siberian Wolf Vodka Bottle
Siberian Wolf Vodka Bottle is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Packaging Design Award Category.
Siberian Wolf Vodka Bottle

We designed an exclusive bottle for this brand and designed by us. The goal was to create a modern cosmopolitan brand that would appeal to a young vodka consumer and express a siberian feeling. The brand name is Siberian Wolf. In one color you can see the western part of Russia and in other color you can see the siberian part. The wold is present on the top of the map. The slogan is "Wolves don't wear collars", appealing to freedom. The shape of the bottle is elegant but very modern style. The entire design aims to express the feeling of modern Russia. The range is composed by a premium edition (blue), a super premium edition (black) and a limited edition (gold).

Siberian Wolf Vodka Bottle
Guilherme Jardim Siberian Wolf
Guilherme Jardim Vodka Bottle
Guilherme Jardim design
Guilherme Jardim design