Victor A. Syrnev The Empress Ring
The Empress Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
The Empress Ring

Fantastic beauty stone - pyrope - its very essence brings the grandeur and solemnity. That is the beauty and uniqueness of the stone identified the image, which is intended future decoration. There was a need to create a unique frame for stone, which would carry him into the air. The stone was pulled beyond its holding metal. This formula sensual passion and attractive force. It was important to keep the classical concept, supporting the modern perception of jewelry.

The Empress Ring
Victor A. Syrnev The Empress
Victor A. Syrnev Ring
Victor A. Syrnev design
Victor A. Syrnev design
Victor A. Syrnev

The Maestro from Kyrgyzstan. "Syrnev is sincerely convinced that an artist should have an arsenal of creative techniques, that is, have knowledge of his materials in a measure which permits him to make his own, perhaps modest, technological innovations. Look at Victor’s work: the metal now shines, trembles, and vibrates with life. It plays the role of a severe artifice and an airy inspiration. Now it absorbs the light; now it reflects it. Of course such freedom in transformation of one’s material is possible only by profound knowledge of its possibilities. Syrnev’s creations presuppose not only love and empathy, but also a sharing of knowledge and feeling, a joy of mutual urgency, a shared secret dedicated to knowledge itself. Victor knows a great deal about symbols, signs, numbers, precepts of the traditional masters and creators of jewelry and amulets. But he is not less knowledgeable about contemporary methods of appreciation of form and color. For Victor there opens a whole domain of communication with the viewer on the basis of artistic intuition and psychological perception". Ada Safarova / Moscow

Uvelirnyi Dom VICTOR

VICTOR the jewelry house... In Victor company they creat interesting Art and great design for their unique ornaments. Jewelry, precious stones, metals and a lot of other different materials. They create unique jewelry and objects !!! Full name of the company is Uvelirnyi Dom VICTOR. Brand is VICTOR By the first name of Victor Syrnev. Jeweller, Artist, Designer and the Owner. if you want, you can visit