Mohammed Afnan Floating Hub Multi Transit Hub
Floating Hub Multi Transit Hub is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Floating Hub Multi Transit Hub

Floating hub is an illusionistic form, were this unique building works as a Multi-transit hub splitted in different levels which includes H.S.R Station, Metro Rail Station , Commercial and recreational spaces within a single roof which is proposed in Kerala, South India. Each of the aim is to let man live and think in a world that seems to be unexplored are not just simple building lying on the water, but something beyond it. It comes to life taking the form from organic and sinuous shapes and seeking advantages of innovative tech., architecture so want to be inside the nature and its harmony.

Floating Hub Multi Transit Hub
Mohammed Afnan Floating Hub
Mohammed Afnan Multi Transit Hub
Mohammed Afnan design
Mohammed Afnan design
Mohammed Afnan

Mohammed Afnan is young passionate Architect in India were he explores his maximum innovative designed technologies for a better development for his country. He finished his graduation in 2012 from VTU University , Karnataka, India. Now having innovative design firm in Calicut, India. His works are always in a theme known as "Psycho-tecture"were the design process undertake all deeds of clients psychological facts and related to it were it turn to its best design for the concern clients.

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