Isvea Eurasia Height Adjustable Water Closet
Height Adjustable Water Closet is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Height Adjustable Water Closet

Height Adjustable WC has capability of 25 cm movement which allows disabled and elder people to use WC as comfortable as possible for themselves. MOreover, as a scientific explanation it has been learned that a lower position during WC usage gives more comfort.

Height Adjustable Water Closet
Isvea Eurasia Height Adjustable
Isvea Eurasia Water Closet
Isvea Eurasia design
Isvea Eurasia design
Isvea Eurasia

Isvea promises functionality in Italian design aesthetic, quality in details and workmanship , and innovative ideas for every bathroom . Isvea creates aesthetic bathroom spaces with maximum comfort and convenience, combining design with technology in the most optimum way. With Isvea the bathroom is an harmonious space to relax and rejuvenate, a lively space to have fun, a private space to spend time with oneself and an inviting space to enjoy one's reflections . In 1962 , Isvea began its journey in Italy, the land of fashoin and design, cooperating with selected Italian designers, such as Nativita Design House, OMC Design Studio and Simone Valsecchi.Today, extending its portfolio with the designs of talented young designers,Isvea is on the way to become a successful universal brand.