Suigeneris Barcelona Medieval Headphones Teaser campaign
Medieval Headphones Teaser campaign is Golden Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award Category.
Medieval Headphones Teaser campaign

for a new project of Livestreaming Top DJs worldwide, Lords of Clubs. Legend has it...that the heralds (fans) gave their support to the knights (lords) the night before each gig, like an entourage cheering before a tournament... showing off their white dresses, they danced to the fanfare (music) from castle to castle (clubs), living it up.

Medieval Headphones Teaser campaign
Suigeneris Barcelona Medieval Headphones
Suigeneris Barcelona Teaser campaign
Suigeneris Barcelona design
Suigeneris Barcelona design
Suigeneris Barcelona

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