S Cube Design Lab Puncheart Squeeze punch
Puncheart Squeeze punch is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Social Design Award Category.
Puncheart Squeeze punch

This project is focused upon the design of the new concept of a punching tool that is able to make a hole large enough for a coin. This ability gives this project its unique edge and innovative design. With this punching tool, we are able to produce our own coin boxes by ourselves using empty bottles. These can then be used as donation boxes, with the money we save being donated to the third world. It is not only a tool for giving money, but also for sharing our love with one another. After donation, donors can receive feedback via UNICEF, such as photos and letters, from the people.

Puncheart Squeeze punch
S Cube Design Lab Puncheart
S Cube Design Lab Squeeze punch
S Cube Design Lab design
S Cube Design Lab design
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