Ruud Belmans Wasbar Laundromat
Wasbar Laundromat is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Wasbar Laundromat

Wasbar is a combination of a bar and a laundry salon where twenty- and thirtysomethings can come to do their laundry while chatting and meeting others doing the same. A concept this unique called for an equally unique setting, so Pinkeye designed a delightfully eclectic mix of vintage furniture, custom objects and, naturally, washing machines - opting to put them on full display as is, instead of trying to mask them. Besides having a coffee or a beer and a snack, or working, or chatting up you can also get your hair done by the local hairdresser in one of the back rooms.

Wasbar Laundromat
Ruud Belmans Wasbar
Ruud Belmans Laundromat
Ruud Belmans design
Ruud Belmans design