John Vincent Redrico Glow Print Ad
Glow Print Ad is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Idea Design Award Category.
Glow Print Ad

Nescafe Decaf's "Why Not?" campaign paved the way for the first glow-in-the-dark print material ever to be produced. A cup of great tasting coffee during the evenings can be very enjoyable as with the experience of our readers once they land on our print ad. In a lit room, the material shows a Nescafe Decaf pack with the headline: “Sarap ng Kape” ("Great Tasting Coffee") When lights are turned off, the moon and stars glow along the new copy that reads: “Sarap ng Kape…Lalo Na Sa Gabi!” ("Great Tasting Coffee...especially at night!")

Glow Print Ad
John Vincent Redrico Glow
John Vincent Redrico Print Ad
John Vincent Redrico design
John Vincent Redrico design
Nescafe Decaf

Nescafe Decaf Soothing, aromatic, and deliciously familiar, NESCAFÉ Decaf is the same rich coffee taste you’ve always loved, without the stimulation. The beans are decaffeinated ever so delicately to retain the coffee’s full-flavor and aroma, giving you a warm, comforting experience in every cup.