Attila Jónás Less Armchair
Less Armchair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Furniture Design Award Category.
Less Armchair

This armchair pushes the boundaries of product design. It was born by lots of questions and philosophizing. What is the design or art? What is beautiful and what is ugly? How far we can go? What we call well-designed product? If something is simple , is it beautiful as well? Why? If less is more,a little is much? How does the simplest armchair look like? Less. Sink in it. When we sit in the Less armchair, the minimal cube design become more by us and by creases. So the less become more and the questions are answered. This is a proof that the less can be more. Inspired by Dieter Rams,Rothko.

Less Armchair
Attila Jónás Less
Attila Jónás Armchair
Attila Jónás design
Attila Jónás design