William Chan Centrepiece Living Space
Centrepiece Living Space is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Centrepiece Living Space

Faced with a challenge to create roomy storage space in an apartment without highlighting its limitations - three load-bearing walls that can't be knocked down - we literally think 'out of the box'. A unique container stands boldly in the apartment to free up the space and remove clutter. With the protruding end of the Centrepiece creating a mysterious vibe, the design stretches from the hall to the bedroom, while concealing the kitchen and bathrooms. A side groove stores a pivoting dining table, while movable planes allow the decor to be tweaked when needed.

Centrepiece Living Space
William Chan Centrepiece
William Chan Living Space
William Chan design
William Chan design
Spacedge Designs

Spacedge Designs was founded in 1999 by William Chan. The design studio was launched in response to the growing demand for unconventional and yet practical interior architecture. In the years following, Spacedge has grown its clientele base, which includes foreign dignitaries, renowned retail brands and hospitality firms. Based in Singapore, Spacedge has been creating innovative architectural and interior designs for residences, retail stores, commercial showrooms and dining establishments. The broad range of works has won Spacedge regional acclaim and awards. Accolades received include the President's Design Award Singapore 2012 as well as the Singapore Design Awards in 2010 and 2012 for the residential category. Spacedge has also been shortlisted for the Asia Pacific Interior Design & Architecture Awards 2013.