Diana Sokolic Diana Bag
Diana Bag is Iron Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Diana Bag

The bag has always two functions: to put things inside ( as much as it could be stuffed in it ) and to look nice but not essentially in that order.This bag meets both requests. It is unique and different from the other bags because of the combination of materials used for making it: plexiglas with textile bag attached. The bag is very architectural, simple and clean in its form but nevertheless functional. In its construction, it is homage to Bauhaus, its world view and its masters but still it is very modern. Thanks to plexy, it is very light and its shiny surface attracts attention.

Diana Bag
Diana Sokolic Diana
Diana Sokolic Bag
Diana Sokolic design
Diana Sokolic design
Diana Sokolic

Diana Sokolic is a professional artist from Croatia. She has graduated painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and works as a free-lancer since. Her main field of interest is light in art and she makes lumino-kinetic installations of Plexiglas and LED light. Except that, she teaches art, makes photographs and designs.