Andrej Stanta Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar
Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar is Platinum Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar

Shayton Equilibrium represents pure hedonism, perversion on four wheels, an abstract concept to most people and realization of dreams to lucky few. It represents ultimate pleasure, a new perception of getting from one point to another, where the goal is not as important as the experience. Shayton is set to discover the limits of material capabilities, to test new alternative green propultions and materials that could enhance the performance while preserving the pedigree of the hypercar. Phase that follows is to find the investor/s and make Shayton Equilibrium a reality.

Shayton Equilibrium Hypercar
Andrej Stanta Shayton Equilibrium
Andrej Stanta Hypercar
Andrej Stanta design
Andrej Stanta design
Andrej Stanta

Mr. Andrej Stanta has been introduced to design by his father. Ever since he has been fascinated by beauty, perfection and usability of a great design. Interested into business aspect of the whole process as well he and his team do not stop with a concept but rather bring the design to life, to production and to users. PROVOCO - philosophy he goes by and name of the company as well, states that everything is to provoke.

Shayton Automotive

More than a concept of a super sports car Shayton Automotive is designed as a automobile niche brand based on a strong story, solid foundations and a daring vision to become one of the worlds leading super car manufactures and expose them to new direct competition. The goals are to requier needed investment, develop prototype and start the production, push the edges of development, design and technology, get involved in other areas such as racing and evolve as the pop-cultural and the new status icon of new millennium. With brand we have reached the stage where investment is necessary to proceed with project to next stage - development of prototype and production set up. We have aligned with industry leading companies in Italy, Germany and other countries in Europe who have years of experiences in supercar development and have the production capacity and engineers to produce planed quantity of Shayton Equilibrium’s.